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ABOUT ME (Den Marsden)
Between 1978 - 1982 I served a 4 year apprentiship as a paint refinisher within the motor trade, gaining City & Guilds qualifications

In the early 90s, I branched into the corporate aviation side of the industry, working on the exteriors and interiors of some very prestigious aircraft.

In the mid 90's

I started and operated my own mobile aircraft refinishing company, offering services including a full strip and repaint, as well as touch-ups and local repairs. I rejuvenated and protected the paint finishes using the best product range for polymer coatings.

I found this process:

  • Prolonged the life of the paintwork.
  • Put that freshly refinished look back onto the surface.
  • Delayed the next expensive respray.
  • Resulted in considerable fuel savings.

DDM Coatings - Since 1978

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Surface Protection &
Paint Refinishing Contractor

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DDM Coatings

After moving to Italy, I decided to move into the Marine side of the industry and offer the same high quality service.

Where other companies might be able to offer a polishing service, I feel very strongly that with my painting background I'm able to offer something more. I'm able to assess and carryout any paint faults and repairs prior to the rejuvenation and application of the protective polymer coating.

Den Marsden